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What is Swissvax?
The Swissvax secret!
Swissvax Background information
The Company
Entry Kit contents

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What is Swissvax?

Swissvax is a complete automotive care system consisting of natural washing, cleaning and feeding products. Like many great products, the company?s waxes were originally designed around the kitchen table. The old Anwander chemist shop was the original laboratory as well as production site for the first jars of "Antikwachs" (Antique Wax) - a formula developed in the late 19th century for precious antiques and lacquers.

From these humble beginnings of those first precious jars of Antikwachs, the Anwander family's passion for colours, lacquers, paints and waxes have taken them far. For over three generations, the original formula has been updated and modified through extensive research and testing.

Each Swissvax container is still blended and poured exclusively by hand. The rare, natural products used in Swissvax products, are amongst the most expensive and luxurious ever put into automotive care products. There are quite simply no compromises when it comes to the pursuit of the ultimate wax and automotive car system. We invite you to try Swissvax for yourself and see why it?s products are famous amongst car enthusiasts all over Europe.

The Swissvax secret!

The complete product range has no equal for:

And finally, but most importantly, environmental and personal safety during use is assured.

Swissvax Background information

As a newcomer you may ask:

"What is the reason for another product range introducing vehicle care products to an already saturated market?"

The reason is:

Swissvax products were never designed to:

The Swissvax products listed here are:

These products are designed for people who:

The Company

Swissvax is made by Anwander & Co. AG. The company is a research and paint manufacturing company with its offices, laboratories and production facilities situated in Schlieren, a sub district of Zürich, Switzerland. The company's beginning go back to the 19th century when it first produced the jars of "Antikwachs" (Antiques Wax).

Throughout their history, one over riding principle has guided the activities of the company: to produce the world?s finest quality products. To this end, it spends 20% of its annual turnover on research and marketing.

Each product is continually re-assessed, and, if any new materials offer improvements, either in terms of quality or performance, then they are introduced into the production stage.

This philosophy has led to the creation of more than ten decades of innovative concepts and products.

Certification Of Quality

The concepts of extremely high standards stretches throughout the company, from research to point of sale, ensuring total customer confidence and satisfaction.

Furthermore, all sales outlets (both current and future) are considered to be "partners" in the company. This strategy ensures an atmosphere of total dedication to customer support and communication. The company therefore, guarantees the highest standards of product quality and best commercial procedures.

Dedication To Employees

Quality is always achieved by people, and our committed and loyal employees are this company's most important asset. The employees guarantee the company's top position as a result of their hard work and dedication. It is a firm principle of the company that all management positions are filled from it's own ranks'.

This responsibility also extends to our environment, we are all charged with leaving behind a better world for future generations.

A refreshing attitude and an example to all companies.

Entry Kit contents

Some of you perhaps ask the question "Why does it cost so much?"

Perhaps after reading the above your question has been answered. However in order to justify further look at at it this way.

An Entry Kit contains the following:

Therefore on a cost per application the cost whilst initially to appear duanting is in fact very cheap for the finest ingredients.

Why don't other manufactures make the same kind of products...the answer is that these products do not lend themselves to mass production and the ingredients are very expensive.

Nearly all other manufacturers will use solvents, abrasives, and silicones and some real nasties like naptha, ammonium biflouride, xylene etc. we also do not use any acids be they weak or strong solutions.

2007 E & OE, John Wintle