Local Parts and Repair

This is a list of businesses where parts can be obtained and repair undertaken locally.
Please note that this is only a list and just because the business is on the list does NOT mean that it is endorsed by this host or ClubGTI.
In due course the list will be amended to include those businesses that have been used and recomended by people in the club locally.

Caffyns (VW)  Worthing
  (contact Pat)
GSF  Southampton    
GSF  Farnham    Recommend
GSF  Portsmouth    Recommend
Littlehampton Tyres Littlehampton  Tyres & 4 Wheel alignment  Recommend
Peter Cooper (VW)  Chichester
(Contact Jim)
 Peter Cooper (VW)  Southsea    
 Peter Cooper (VW)  Southampton    
 Worthing Continental  Worthing    Recommend


 Autotechnics  Southampton Recommend
 Caffyns (VW)  Worthing  Recommend
 Peter Cooper (VW)  Southampton  
Peter Cooper (VW)  Southsea  
 Peter Cooper (VW)  Chichester  
 GWerks  Rustington  
 JMR  Rustington  


 Eastergate Car Spares  Eastergate, Fontwell, near Arundel  
 Harris'  Southbourne  Recommend
 Silverlake  Portsmouth area  
 VW Breakers  Angmering