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July 1999

 Weighted Shift Rod

Hi All, Just thought that I would mention that I fitted a weighted shift rod to my Mk2 a while ago, and let me tell you it is well worth doing! Before fitting, my gear change was fairly precise, but very notchy. Now it is very smooth and takes less effort to select a gear. If you haven't done this mod yet, it is so easy and takes about 1 minute (remove 2 R-clips, remove old rod, fit new weighted rod, replace R-clips). The VAG part as fitted to the Mk3 (020 gearbox) is 1H0711183 at £11+VAT
Do it now!

Watery-eyes and runny nose!

Now that the hay-fever time is upon us again, let me remind you about cabin air-filters. If you have a Mk 2/3 Golf/Jetta/Vento or a Corrado then there is a filter for you. Fitting takes only a few minutes and can dramatically cut down on the pollens and eliminate the solid debris that comes in through the fresh air system. The filter kits should be available from your local quality VW Specialist. Ask me for more details as I have one fitted to my Golf.

 A Plead to everyone

I would like to be able to put together another newsletter in the near future. If any of you have ideas for articles and can put pen to paper, please do. I am sure that there are people out there that would like to share your experiences, whether they be good or bad! Please get in contact with either myself or Alan if you can help.

Items for Sale

If anyone has any car items or even whole cars for sale that they would like other members to know about, let us know then we can pass the info on.


Had any good or bad experiences with different make - let us know then we can pass them on.

Car trouble

Well it had to happen sometime and it did on the way back from the last meeting - my rear exhaust box went. I can't complain really as it was the original one on the car and it has lasted the best part of 9 years! My next surprise was the price of a new rear box from VAG. As you are all probably aware, a lot of the prices (14,000 odd) have dropped in price recently. Well this was one of them. So a genuine rear box, exactly the same as the one on the car, was purchased for £45. However when I came to fit it, I could not separate the old one from the middle box, so the only option was to cut them apart. So the middle box had to be purchased as well. This one however has almost double in price to about £68! So an alternative OE quality was bought from Chris at S.A.P. in Yapton (see below) at half this price. In looking under the car at the exhaust I also found that the brake compensation valve had seized. It never rains…. This is a horrendous price from VAG at about £180 and so once again Chris helped me out. So now I have a car that brakes properly and is nice and quiet again. Until the next thing happens coming back from an event.

 Discount Directory

Remember to take you membership card with you

 Autocavan, Southampton:
 01703 787118

 Empire Garage, Felpham:
 01243 583185

 S.A.P, Yapton:
 01243 553388

 Whyke Motors (VAG), Chichester:
 01243 787684