Concours D'Elegance

Registration Number:


Name of Owner:

Items and their respective aspects to be considered  Points


Judges Comments

Paintwork and panels:

Originality, freedom from damage, original colour, hood & bag for cabrio


Exterior trim:

Completeness, freedom from damage, originality


Wheels and Tyres:

Cleanliness. Freedom from damage. Five identical tyres of correct size. Wheels to be original type/colour with correct hub caps if fitted, or a factory/dealer option at time of manufacture.



Cleanliness, freedom from damage and rust, obvious signs of welding



Cleanliness, no tears or excessive wear, correct funcioning of parts, originality


Luggage Compartment:

Originality, cleanliness, tool-kit complete, freedom from damage


Engine and Engine Compartment:

Originality & cleanliness, including underside of engine

 Sub Total:  /140  

Penalty Points:

Not licensed for road use or brought to event on trailer.

   Deduct 10 points
 Ill fitting or unsuitable/not period    Deduct up to 10 points

The Judges decision is final and no discussion or correspondence will be enterered into regarding the results.