Sussex Club GTI - Technical Bulletin #5

Modified seat release knobs

I expect that a number of you are fed up with having to fumble behind you for the seatbelt when you get into your car. Those of you who have series 2 Golf's and Jetta's, or Corrado's do not have this problem, as these later cars have different seat back release knobs which catch the seat belt, not always though, when you let the belt go. It is an easy task to fit these knobs into other cars which could benefit, namely series 1 Golfs. If any of you also have Polos or 2 door Audis, this article is also for you.

What you require are a very strong grip and the 2 knobs. The part numbers of the knobs are:

191 881 633A and

191 881 634

You will need one of each knob as they are handed. Cost is £3.15 + vat each but check with the dealers as the prices will have changed.

To fit simply pull off the existing knob on the seat back, you will probably need a lot of force to move it, and you hand will fly a long way back and probably hit some thing hard! So beware, it hurts! Take care not to loose the small metal clip from the lever when the knob frees itself .

Fitting of the new knob is the reverse of the removal, but remember to check the handing of the new knob before you fit it.

Now you can have the seat belt held at the side of the seat, instead of having to reach for it.

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