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 2nd March 2000 New event added - BBQ
 3rd March 2000 New Audi pictures added
 8th March 2000 Frames version generated
 18th April 2000 Wax Wizard logo added
 27th April 2000 BBA reman added to links
 8th June 2000 Aerial installation added
 14th June 2000 New link added
 22nd June 2000 Welcome page changed
 6th September 2000 Welcome page changed
  SAP Link changed 
  VIN number interpreter
 5th October 2000 BBQ 2000 write up added
 7th October 2000 VWM/VW Driver links added
  17th October 2000 Links revised and added to
  New link for dealer search added
  Top tips updated
30th October 2000 Top Top Tip added
  MFA Secrets added
  Digifant Idling updated
12th December 2000 Navigator made alphabetical
  Attention notice added
14th December 2000 Mk2 Paint & Fabric added
23rd December 2000 Xmas greeting added
1st January 2001 Winter top tips added
27th January 2001 Events updated for 2001
15th April 2001 Billinghurst meet announced
  BBQ announced
16th May 2001 MFA secrets URL changed
20th May 2001 Welcome screen changed
5th June 2001 SA Mk1 Pictures added
14th June 2001  ClubGTI main site URL change
16th July 2001 Wax Wizard page added
11th August 2001 BBQ removed. VW parts link added
8th November 2001 Updated adverts
  Removed used VW link
  Added 'did you know'
16th January 2002 made!
  Sussex logo added
  email addresses changed
22nd January 2002 Mk1 Cabby for Sale added
15th February 2002
Main page changed
Adverts updated
17th February 2002 Parts adverts added
25th February 2002 2001 BBQ page added
1st March 2002
New advert
Clubgti egroup advert added
14th March 2002 Links page revised as a lot were dead!
24th March 2002 Mk1 Cabby ad removed
  BBQ 2001 added to nav bar
2nd April 2002
G60 Limited advert added
Concours D'Elegance form added
24th April 2002 Swissol added
2nd May 2002
Front Page redesigned
Mk2 5dr Classic added
6th May 2002 Stanford Hall 2002 added
19th May 2002
New adverts added.
Recaro added
Powerbulbs added
1st July 2002 
Parts adverts updated
Car adverts updated
Swissol pages updated
3rd July 2002  Swissol pages updated
23rd Nov 2002
BBQ/Show 'n' Shine added
Old adverts removed
29th January 2003 Swissol advert updated
12th June 2003 Front page changed
10th September 2003 Front page changed
  Parts updated
  Meetings updated
  Local Traders added
18th September 2003 New venue details added
23rd September 2003 Parts 4 sale updated
  Cars 4 sale updated
  VW links updated
9th October 2003 Alloys for sale added
2nd November 2003
Alloys for sale removed
Car adverts modified and reworked 
14th November 2003 Car adverts modified
15th November 2003 Car adverts modified
16th January 2004 
Car adverts modified
Provisional Calender added
Tech article #9 added
4th March 2004
Car adverts modified
17th March 2005 Major Overhaul!
28th March 2005 March meet pics added
28th April 2005 April meet pics added
4th May 2005 Stanford Hall 2005 added
15th July 2005 Car adverts altered
Treasure Hunt details added
16th July 2005 June meet pics added
16th August 2005 Welcome page changed
23rd September 2005 BBQ 2005 pictures added
22nd February 2006 New Meet pics added
Car adverts removed
New front images added
7th June 2006 Events added
22nd August 2006 Events modified
GTI Advert added
10th Sept 2006 GTI advert removed
25th March 2007 Club Meet pics updated
22nd August 2007 BBQ info added
Navigation table cleaned up
Welcome page cleaned up
11th September 2007BBQ + SNS 07 added
30th September 2007Club Meet pics updated
11th August 2008Club Meet pics updated
BBQ Announced
25th September 2009BBQ Pics uploaded